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Build your U.S. portfolio based on your financial goals with a wide range of low-cost investment products.

Product list

  • Stocks

    • Trade equities online for US$0 commissions.1
    • Simplify stock selection with Schwab Equity Ratings® stock lists, and more.
    • Stay on top of U.S. markets with insights from Schwab experts.
  • Options

    • Navigate the market with robust tools, screeners and low costs—US$0 per online trade and US$0.65 per contract.1
    • Build your skills with workshops and webinars.
    • Talk with dedicated option trading specialists.
  • Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs)²

    • Strengthen your portfolio with ETFs—US$0 online trade commissions with no minimums.
    • Access 2,000+ ETFs across a range of asset classes and fund companies.
  • Fixed Income

    • Access a full array of investments, including U.S. treasury bonds and corporate bonds.
    • Use Schwab BondSource® to screen 36,000+ bonds.
    • Know what you are paying with our straightforward, easy-to-understand pricing.
  • Offshore Mutual Funds

    • Access funds from well-known fund families around the world.
    • Invest with firms with proven track records of managing U.S. mutual funds.
    • We waive sales loads on offshore mutual funds.

    (Note: Management fees and other expenses apply. See each fund's prospectus for more details.)

  • Foreign Ordinary Shares

    • Trade global securities online with our powerful web, software and mobile platforms.
    • Get help trading non-U.S. investment products—including foreign securities in local markets—from our team of Global Investing Services professionals.
    • Stay on top of global market trends with Schwab expert commentary.
  • American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)

    • Access 2,400+ established companies from over 80 countries listed in the U.S. 
    • Trade ADRs online for US$0 commissions.1
  • Margin Loans

    • We offer competitive rates and a flexible repayment schedule.
    • Standard feature on Schwab One International account, and no extra paperwork is generally required.
    • Possibly deduct the interest against your net investment income. (Please consult your tax advisor.)

    Before you begin using margin, you should read Schwab's Margin Borrowing Overview and Disclosure Statement.

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