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Pursue your fixed income investing goals on your own terms with bonds

When it comes to investing in the U.S. bond market, there are a number of ways to get started and a wide variety of institutions that issue fixed income securities, including the U.S. government, state and local governments, and publicly held companies. 

Discover more fixed income choices to meet your needs.

Schwab BondSource® gives you access to thousands of bonds from hundreds of dealers, including new-issue municipal and corporate bonds, at the best price available to Schwab. 

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This data represents average daily quote count between January 1 – June 23, 2020, and represents distinct cusips and total quote depth available to Schwab received by venues connected to Schwab Bond Source. Obtained through Schwab's centralized data storage system, data is received on a T+1 basis. Duplication may exist within quote depth figures due to quotes being received from multiple venues. Counts may not be representative of quotes available to clients, as the data has not been filtered to exclude restricted cusip quote blocks. While CS & Co. Fixed Income has used reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of this data, it has not been vetted by an independent third party.

Get a balanced perspective on the U.S. bond market with timely insights and third-party research.

In addition to daily Market Updates and ongoing global commentary, Schwab offers premium independent research from, Credit Suisse, and others.

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Get straightforward pricing that is disclosed before you buy a bond.

At Schwab, there's no mystery about our pricing. It's straightforward, simple to understand, and provides a great value.

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