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Diversify your portfolio with offshore mutual funds

Learn about this investment opportunity available only to non-U.S. investors. 

As an international investor, you may be faced with unique challenges and issues when trying to keep your portfolio properly diversified. To help you meet your strategic goals, Schwab offers a full spectrum of offshore mutual funds. We also provide the research, tools, and specialized support to help you make investment decisions with confidence. 

Our broad range of offshore mutual funds are carefully screened by Schwab experts.

From more aggressive emerging market funds to conservative fixed income funds, our team of experts carefully selects funds, looking for reputable companies with long-standing track records. And many of the funds are actively managed by the same professionals who run comparable U.S. funds.

You can choose from over fifteen offshore mutual fund families as a Schwab client:

  • AllianceBernstein L.P.
  • Allianz Global Investors GmbH
  • Eaton Vance International (Ireland) Funds Plc
  • Franklin Templeton Investment Funds
  • Goldman Sachs Funds
  • Invesco Funds
  • IVA Global SICAV 
  • JPMorgan Funds
  • Legg Mason Global Funds Plc
  • Manulife Global Funds    
  • MFS Meridian Funds
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  • Morgan Stanley Investment Funds    
  • Ninety One Global Strategy Fund
  • PIMCO Funds    
  • Putnam World Trust Funds
  • SICAV Amundi Funds
  • Third Avenue/GemCap Investment Funds


Access premium independent research and analysis from Morningstar®.

Our research and analysis from Morningstar® provide you with clear, concise expert information, including each fund's profile, strategy, management, and sector weightings. Additionally, Morningstar's® ratings and monthly return and historical price information can help you make informed investment decisions.


  • Morningstar Ratings™

    Una muestra de las diversas calificaciones de Morningstar, incluida las calificación general, de 3 años y de 5 años
  • Monthly returns

    Una muestra de cómo se muestra los rendimientos mensuales para los fondos mutuos extraterritoriales
  • Historical price information

    Un gráfico que muestra información histórica de precios

Screen, compare, and analyze opportunities with robust tools.

  • Intuitive and powerful digital tools help you quickly filter and find investment candidates that meet your criteria.
  • Screen for offshore mutual funds using a multitude of criteria.
  • Identify opportunities and strategies and save your screens for later use.
  • Compare up to five offshore mutual funds side-by-side.
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Our specialists are here to help when you need it.

Our U.S.-based Global Services specialists can answer your questions, give you clear explanations, and help you familiarize yourself with online tools and resources.

Start investing in the U.S. today.

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