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Trade a wide selection of ETFs at some of the lowest costs.

  • Strengthen the foundation of your portfolio with 22 low-cost Schwab ETFs.
  • Broaden your exposure with 2,000+ ETFs across a range of asset classes and fund companies.
  • All listed ETFs traded on U.S. exchanges are US$0 per trade online.1
  • European-domiciled UCITS ETFs are available for residents of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Access a vast selection of ETFs—with our help.

With so many to choose from, deciding which ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are right for you may seem overwhelming. But, based on your goals and how you like to invest, we'll help you find the ones that best meet your needs.

We offer multiple ways to put together an ETF portfolio, including the research and powerful tools to do it yourself as well as the free Personalized Portfolio Builder tool.

Research and compare ETFs.

At Schwab, we make it easy to start investing in ETFs, DIY-style, with straightforward research and powerful, easy-to-use tools.

  • ETF Select List®

    With its list of low-cost ETFs, expert-picked and prescreened from nearly 74 categories, this tool helps you narrow your choices and make more confident investing decisions.

  • Fund Finder

    This robust tool lets you evaluate ETFs or mutual funds side-by-side, streamlining the selection process and helping you make better-informed investment decisions.

  • ETF screeners

    Schwab screeners let you review category-specific, predefined screens, or create custom screens to help you zero-in on ETFs that are right for you.

Get help building a diversified portfolio.

Create a personalized ETF portfolio with the free Schwab Personalized Portfolio Builder tool.

  • Determine your fund preference, risk profile, and initial investment.
  • Choose from ETFs or mutual funds.
  • No minimum investment required.
  • Great for investors who may not have the time or interest to focus on portfolio building.
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Alternatives to U.S. ETFs.*

Schwab clients who are residents in certain jurisdictions are no longer able to purchase U.S.-registered ETFs. As an alternative, Schwab offers ETFs that have been authorized as Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) in the European Union. These funds meet relevant E.U. requirements and offer investment strategies similar to those of their U.S. counterparts. U.S. residents can NOT purchase non-U.S. ETFs. Individual fund eligibility is determined by the client's legal country of residence as well as where the non-U.S. ETF is registered to be sold.

Non-U.S. ETFs can be traded with the help of a Schwab Global Investing specialist and are subject to foreign transaction fees. Visit our pricing page for more information on the costs of trading non-U.S. ETFs.

For more information about UCITS ETFs, please contact us.

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