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    U.S.-based registered investment professionals

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Get the answers you need, no matter how you invest with us.

  • U.S-based customer support

    Our U.S.-based, registered investment professionals are experienced, multilingual and ready to take your call. Email us too, anytime you want.

    (Available 24 hours a day starting Sunday at 5:30 pm through 1:00 am Saturday (US EST).

  • Financial consultants

    Our Financial Consultants can help you create a personalized investment plan, and choose the right level of advice and services.*

    *There are eligibility requirements to work with a dedicated Financial Consultant.

  • Investing and trading specialists

    As a Schwab client, you'll have access to trained specialists who can answer your specific financial questions—from options trading to global investing.

    (Available by appointment via a toll-free number.)

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