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Conversation among two persons

Los expertos ofrecen sus perspectivas sobre los mercados estadounidenses y del mundo.

El éxito de la inversión empieza con la información. Lea las perspectivas de los mejores profesionales de Schwab y manténgase actualizado en el flujo diario del mercado de valores.

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US Market Commentary

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Market Commentary

What our experts think about the recent stock market drop.
Mayo 20, 2022
Market Commentary

Bearish sentiment is becoming a contrarian support; but for now, aggressive Fed action, tightening financial conditions, and the liquidity drain may keep downward pressure on stocks.
Mayo 16, 2022
Market Commentary

The economy has slowed amid rising inflation, aggressive monetary policy tightening and persistent global supply chain crises. In turn, the U.S. stock market has weakened.
Mayo 13, 2022
Market Commentary

The world’s second-largest economy and consumer market has likely slipped into a recession, at least by China’s standards.
Mayo 9, 2022
Bond Insights

Given that tighter financial conditions are on the horizon, high-yield bonds may not be as attractive as they have been over the past few years. We look at four factors that indicate it may be especially prudent to proceed with caution when it comes to high-yield bonds.
Mayo 6, 2022
Market Commentary

The Fed raised rates by 50 basis points and confirmed the balance sheet runoff will start in June, while also ruling out a future steep hike of 75 basis points for now.
Mayo 4, 2022
Market Commentary

Another burst of market volatility has confirmed that the peak in negative economic consequences—courtesy of tighter policy and slowing growth—is likely still ahead of us.
Mayo 2, 2022
Bond Insights

With inflation at its highest point in decades and the Federal Reserve expected to continue to aggressively raise interest rates, municipal bonds may offer opportunities not seen in years.
Abril 28, 2022
Market Commentary

Consider hedging the possible risk of higher interest rates with the addition of short duration stocks, a potential way to manage risk while remaining invested in the markets.
Abril 25, 2022
Market Commentary

With inflation running at a 40-year high, and the Fed having embarked on a rate hike cycle, the burning debate is whether the slowdown ends in a soft landing or a recession.
Abril 18, 2022
Market Commentary

Politics may have little impact on economic globalization or corporate profits—which gives little reason for investors to deglobalize their portfolios despite the headlines.
Abril 11, 2022
Bond Insights

The first quarter was brutal for fixed income investors, as bond prices fell and yields rose. However, the steep rise in yields should mean that income investors can finally earn relatively attractive yields in the bond market, after enduring nearly three years of near-zero interest rates.
Abril 8, 2022
Market Commentary

Stocks have enjoyed a relief rally of late, but conviction is lacking as the rebound has disproportionately favored low-quality segments of the market.
Abril 4, 2022
Market Commentary

The geopolitical impact on earnings, the most important driver of stock prices, has remained modest so far; global companies appear to be on a path for earnings growth in 2022.
Marzo 28, 2022
Bond Insights

Prices have fallen sharply, creating an opportunity for income-oriented investors who can ride out the volatility. Investors should understand the risks, however.
Marzo 24, 2022
Market Commentary

Over the past 70 years, rising government debt generally has been accompanied by weaker economic activity. But it’s not a simple relationship.
Marzo 24, 2022
Market Commentary

There are multiple ways to access the market.
Marzo 23, 2022
Market Commentary

Even if a recession is not imminent, the playbook deserves a dusting off as rising inflation, tighter monetary policy, and the war in Ukraine all crimp economic growth prospects.
Marzo 21, 2022
Market Commentary

We believe the odds of a recession in Europe are above average, but still below 50%. We will be watching developments and data closely to see how the economic outlook evolves.
Marzo 14, 2022
Market Commentary

Performance underneath the surface is sometimes markedly different from the action at the Growth and Value index level.
Febrero 28, 2022

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