Offshore Mutual Funds

International investors can choose from a broad selection of funds.

Schwab clients who are non-U.S. persons can take advantage of Schwab's broad offshore mutual fund selection, advanced research tools, and personalized 1:1 support from our investment professionals. Clients appreciate the following potential benefits:

  • A wide selection of funds from many well-known fund families in markets around the world—ranging from emerging markets to established markets.
  • Investing through some well-respected investment managers with a proven track record of managing U.S. mutual funds in such categories as fixed income, real estate, health care, and technology.
  • Schwab waives sales loads on offshore mutual funds. (Please note: Management fees and other expenses apply. See each fund's prospectus for more details.)

Access to mutual fund research.

Clients can use advanced research tools on Schwab's trading website to search and compare offshore mutual funds.

Fund Screener

Advanced tools and screeners

  • Find specific mutual funds available in your country of residence.
  • Screen by category, Morningstar Rating™, expense ratio, or fund assets.
  • Compare up to five funds using our comprehensive resources.

In-depth fund information

  • Evaluate funds using performance data, advanced charting, and credit ratings.
  • Analyze risk exposure with a variety of risk metrics.

In-Depth Fund Information
Independent Morningstar  Research

Independent Morningstar® research

  • Morningstar, a respected source of independent analysis, provides a Morningstar Rating for offshore funds available on Schwab's platform. The Morningstar Rating is a quantitative assessment of a fund's past performance—both return and risk—as measured from one to five stars. Morningstar uses focused comparison groups to better measure fund manager skill. As always, the Morningstar Rating is intended for use as the first step in the fund evaluation process. A high rating alone is not a sufficient basis for investment decisions.

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