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U.S. Expat Essentials

U.S. Expat Essentials

Explore Schwab’s services for U.S. Expats

We understand that, as an American living outside the U.S., you may face some difficult challenges, such as finding accommodations, settling your kids into schools, and adjusting to a different culture.

That’s why Schwab aims to make your financial transition as smooth as possible. We can help you invest in U.S. markets while living abroad, access U.S. dollar–based accounts, and provide reporting for U.S. tax filing.

  • U.S.-Based Professional Support

    The U.S.-based professionals can help guide you through the account opening process and answer your questions. You’ll also have access to:

    • U.S.-based client support and specialists to discuss specific investing or trading needs through a toll-free phone service.
    • Online workshops showcasing Schwab’s platforms, market insights, and trading education.
    • An international wire team to facilitate currency exchanges and money movement.
  • Account Features for U.S. Expats

    As a U.S. citizen living abroad, you’ll enjoy a number of Schwab’s advantages:

    • Convenient access to your money through U.S. dollar–denominated checks, debit cards, and Schwab MoneyLink® Electronic Funds Transfer Service.
    • Competitive rates of exchange when moving into or out of U.S. dollar with other major currencies.
    • All accounts are U.S.-domiciled dollar accounts, which can simplify your U.S. tax reporting.
    • Clear online reporting and a 1099 form to help your IRS filing.
    • A Schwab Visa® debit card that you can use at any ATM in the world, and Schwab will refund the fees.

    More features

  • Access Schwab Trading Platforms

    You’ll have access to market insights and online tools:

    • You can stay connected to the markets and trade via using your computer, tablet, and mobile device.
    • Active traders have access to StreetSmart Edge®, our most advanced trading platform, which is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Accounts and Products to Meet Your Investing Needs

    You can find the accounts you want, from the Schwab One International® account to the Schwab IRAs®.

    Accounts and products

Want to know more about Schwab’s services for U.S. expats?

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