Watch Lists and Alerts

Get U.S. Investment Information When You Need It

Track stock prices, monitor account activities and more with sophisticated online portfolio management tools. Explore the tabs below for more details.

Watch Lists

Track your investments in one place with watch lists delivered to you via email or on Schwab trading platform in real time.

Our watch lists can help you:

  • View prices, volume, analyst ratings and performance
  • Compare securities by dividends, market capitalization and sector
  • See Schwab proprietary method and third-party research ratings on securities

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Personal Investment Alerts

Stay informed with timely email alerts
Our alerts give you the information you need to make informed investment decisions.

As an international client, just select the free alerts you need:

  • Stocks—Track price, volume changes and more.
  • Portfolio—Monitor your portfolio activity.
  • Market Research—Get market and investment research updates.
  • Bonds—Be notified of new taxable and tax-exempt bond issues.

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