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Schwab Equity Ratings

Put our stock-picking approach to work for you

Schwab Equity Ratings is our proprietary methodology for identifying stocks that we believe will outperform or underperform the market over the next 12 months. And this industry-leading guidance is available to all Schwab clients.

Rating more stocks, more frequently means more opportunities for you.
Every week, Schwab Equity Ratings rates approximately 3,000 U.S. corporations. That's about double the number rated by most other brokerage firms. And unlike traditional brokerage firms, we rate an equal number of stocks "buy" as we do "sell". And easy-to-use A to F ratings make it simple for you to use Schwab Equity Ratings in your portfolio right away. Learn more about Schwab Equity Ratings

Our approach is objective and disciplined. Your benefit is a proven methodology.
With Schwab Equity Ratings, we consider those investment factors that we have found matter to long-term stock performance. We apply the same disciplined analysis to every stock we cover.

Power your portfolio with Schwab Equity Ratings.
As a Schwab client, you can take advantage of this powerful resource to use Schwab Equity Ratings to buy, sell and research approximately 3,000 stocks.

Open a Schwab account and open your portfolio to performance.
To take advantage of Schwab Equity Ratings, open an account now or call Schwab investment professional at 415-667-7870.