Performance Monitoring

Evaluate Your U.S. Portfolio's Performance

Track your performance with detailed quarterly reporting and comprehensive cost-basis data. Explore the tabs below for more details.


Check your investments with Schwab Quarterly Portfolio Profile™.   View your performance online and consider next steps based on a detailed quarterly portfolio report.

Your Quarterly Portfolio Profile is designed to help you:

  • Compare your portfolio’s asset allocation with a target model
  • Pinpoint where you might be over- or under-concentrated
  • View Schwab Equity Ratings for your stocks
  • Identify areas that may require immediate action

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Use the Web to track cost-basis data quickly and easily.
The Gain/Loss tab on our website automatically tracks and updates your transaction history and cost-basis data to make performance tracking easier.

The Gain/Loss tab on Schwab trading site lets you:

  • Access realized and unrealized gain/loss details
  • See stock split and dividend information as it happens
  • Update missing cost-basis information

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