Market Commentary | First Published March 11, 2021

WashingtonWise Investor: Episode 36

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Trend Spotting: What Investors Need to Watch

Political consultant and futurist Bruce Mehlman joins the podcast to discuss the trends investors should be watching for as the markets and the country adjust to a post-pandemic world.  

The pandemic is accelerating political, economic, and cultural changes, but where are we headed? Bruce Mehlman, a political consultant and futurist, joins host Mike Townsend to discuss what history can tell us about the trends that will shape the post-COVID landscape for policymakers and for investors. Bruce explains what a pivot to a “resilience economy” may mean for infrastructure growth opportunities, why a lack of trust in institutions may be the biggest challenge facing the new president, and the reasons investors should still be optimistic even in the face of a variety of societal challenges.

You can find all of Bruce’s recent infographics here.

Mike also provides his perspective on the massive economic stimulus bill crossing the finish line, discusses the fast-moving confirmation process for the next chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, explains why it matters that yet another Republican senator has decided not to run for re-election, and looks at the growing pressure on the IRS to postpone the April 15 tax-filing deadline.  

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